What about the Blog?

On a side note, I am slowly starting to work on some things to change my blog. Since the release of WordPress 3.0 it’s possible to host multiple blogs with one install.

I am planning on making a second blog, which will look a lot like this one. The major difference is that blog will have a complete Dutch focus (and yes, will also be in Dutch). There’s so much stuff going on in my own back yard that I want to vent on but it seems silly to write to an English audience about.

As such I’ve started researching how to modify my current theme to be up to date to support the current theme standards and better support internationalization. It involves cleaning up my code, messing with CSS and playing with Cufon to generate titles and subtitles which are now static images.

hopefully I will be able to finish this on short notice. The biggest hurdle will be not to be distracted by my many other hobbies.

Wish me luck. 😉

Shockingly Big IE6 Warning: a Wake-up Call

Sometimes you come across something interesting on Twitter, like this “Shockingly Big IE6 Warning” plug-in. All it does is give you a warning when you are still using IE6. The plug-in features various display options and can actually make the IE6 browser crash. (Don’t be using that, boys ‘n’ girls; it’s unethical)

Anyway, since I had to rant on how IE6 should just die already, I thought I’d install it and put in my small effort to the cause. 😉

Plug-in Development: How far should support go?

Website building

Last saturday I went Karting and Laser Tagging with friends, which resulted in me being pretty sore on sunday. A good reason to have a quiet day to work on the new features of the Daily Dilbert plug-in.

I wanted to tackle a few things before I would sink my teeth into the strip importing bit, which will take me a little while.

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