Firing up old Interests: Gun Sport

If you know me for some time you will be aware of  a keen interest I have in firearms. I’ve always had something with them, albeit a passive interest most of the time. This is now about to change: me and Ivan (friend of mine) decided to sign up with the local gun club last Friday.

To be more accurate,  I signed up again with the local gun club. I used to be a member many many years ago, but due to lack of time and shifting priorities I had to cancel my membership.

Last friday the gunclub had an orientation day where people could have a look at the gun sport and a demonstration of several firearms. There was also a small competition (for non-members) where the best marksman would win the Zoetermeer cup. Ivan and I both competed; Ivan actually got second place. After the session we had (and before we knew Ivan had won second place) we both decided to become member.

Tonight was the first night back in the club house. Not much has changed over the last 12 years. The one major change is that they now have a 25 meter range for large caliber pistols (up to .45 rounds). They still do not have a larger range for rifles but they do rent a range at a nearby town where you can practice your rifles there.

As much as I like real firearms it will be a while before I can actually use them. The Dutch laws on gun control is very strict and before you can actually get a license there’s a series of checks and tests you need to take before bec0ming eligible for a firearm permit. It’s something to work towards.

S0 for now it’s the 4.5mm air powered rifles and pistols and those will do fine. First order of business is to get my score up, or at least keep hitting the black part of the targets. The rest will come in due time.

5 thoughts on “Firing up old Interests: Gun Sport”

  1. Soon I will be joining you too.  I always did like target practice and I always wanted to improve my abilities.  Hopefully we can go this week (with me) and get my signed up as well (unless you abhor your wife partaking in the event 😛 ) hehe

  2. Like I would mind my wife joining me in target practice… unless she turns out to be a lot better than me. *g* 😉

  3. So if I beat you, you will abhor having me go along with you, but if you beat me, then it’s okay? Have I got this correct? 😛

  4. Due to stupid transport and stupid cashflow, i’ll be practising my BB gun in my own hallway.  Maybe someday i can join you guys too 🙂

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