The end of a Chapter

In a few days a chapter will be closed. WebComfort will cease to be and I will not be a hoster anymore. It really feels like I am leaving a part of my life behind. At the same time, it feels good to get some closure.

Closing a business really is a lot more work than I anticipated. A lot of preparation was required in order to have all of our customers move away. Even in shutting down a lot of thought and care has gone to our customers.

In a sense it’s also good to hear that quite a few of them seem to share a sadness in us closing shop. A few of our customers have expressed regret that they would no longer have our services to support their online activities. Such statements are like a double-edged blade; they make you feel good, since apparently the customers are happy with your service but at the same time you are abandoning them.

There are still a few hurdles to take, mainly moving everyone off of our registrar account in time and moving our server. It’s work I am not looking forward to. The deadline is approaching fast and it feels like there’s still a ton of work to be done.

At the same time I am looking forward, beyond that dreaded deadline and see new opportunity on the horizon. New projects I have time for, which might result in new business plans. Who knows. I might not be a hoster anymore, but I am still hungry for doing business of some sorts.