When will the ‘fun’ ever stop

This week has just been lovely. All I wanted was to have me and Megan have a normal week. Apparently that is quite a stretch.

Sunday evening Megan started to get a bad tooth ache. Monday morning we called the dentist to have her look at it. Bad molar, needs to go out.
A dental sureon was going to have to do it. An appointment was made for the next day. One day of agony. Poor sweety.

The next day the molar was removed. Megan felt a lit better. Sadly that was short to last. The days thereafter the pain got worse and her face swoll up like a ballon. On Friday we called the dental surgeon again: infection.

Megab has been on antibiotics for a day now but the swelling stayed and was causing a lot of problems. So here we are now, at the dental surgeon again, who just made a little drain so that the swelling will dissipate.

When will the fun ever stop.

4 thoughts on “When will the ‘fun’ ever stop”

  1. My heart goes out to you two, what a crap year its been so far. Lets just hope thats it for now, and the rest of the year is wonderfull!

  2. That is my hope too. I think we deserved a vacation from calamity. Megan especially. When it comes down to it she’s the one worst off this year.

  3. She is doing a lot better now. The drain is out and the infection has cleared up. No more nasty anti-biotics.

    Next tuesday: dentist appointment for both of us… can’t wait.

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