Teen Arrested after Sending Nuke Pictures of Herself

ArrestYesterday I came across an article on philly.com on a 15 year-old girl facing child pornography charges in Clearfield county. The girl apparently sent nude pictures of herself to a 27-year old man. The man has been arrested and is also facing charges.

My first response was: what the fuck?

Upon reading this I almost dropped from my chair. I can see the man being arrested for his part in the ordeal. But arresting the girl for possession and distributing of child pornography?

How the hell does this make any sense, whatsoever. We are talking about pictures of her own body. Who was wronged in this entire ordeal? What possible harm could come from this? This particular crime does not know a victim. If anyone the victim is the one the one facing charges.

For a nation that claims to be the land of the free the lawmakers really seem obsessed with ‘protecting’ the people by taking away the right to make mistakes by either defending stupidity or prosecuting self-inflicted ‘harm’. You see this in the way they treat drugs users and other people who fall victim to their own lapse in judgement.

Who knows what the twisted minds of the DA’s office will come up with next. Dare I make a prediction?

“Masturbating Teen faces Statutory Rape Charge. ”


One thought on “Teen Arrested after Sending Nuke Pictures of Herself”

  1. They are so utterly obsessed with child-sexual crimes and “predators”, that all common sense seems to have gone out the window.
    A big big deal was made of kicking all these apparent sex-offenders off Myspace and Facebook, you would think resources where better spent elsewhere. The actual percentage of pedophiles amongst the American population is so minute. There are more people going without decent healthcare in the US than any sex-crime statistic out there.

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