Personal Log 27th January

Today was in light of cleaning up, sorting out and throwing away stuff. We woke up early to have breakfast and went out to sort out the rest of the stuff in Megan’s old room in her parent’s place. Because the room had not seen a dust cloth for some time I knew I was going to get dirty so skipped the shower. Warren was kind enough to lend me some old clothes to work in. They fitted me fine, although it was a good thing I wasn’t pulled over by the fashion police because I would have been locked away for a long time.
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Personal Log January 26th (continued)

After heading to Wall-mart to get some of the stuff we needed we went over to Megan’s parents place. There we spent the better part of two hours literally digging our way into the room that has a lot of Megan’s old stuff. I seriously have not seen a room before that was as stacked with stuff as this one.
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